Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gettin' My Shop on!

I had a happy day of shopping and crafting yesterday.

I am thankful for this season in my life where I can get together with friends, and do what we do best- talk, laugh, craft, talk, snuggle with babies, snack on hummus, laugh, inspire one another, drink coffee, encourage one another, and did I mention laugh? Yep. We do a lot of that.

When I arrived at Trina's yesterday she mentioned that AC Moore was having a sale, so when I left her house after making these, guess where I went.

I bought these items to use on future projects... just wait and see!

Then I went to Old Navy: Score! I actually found a pair of jeans that flatter me. They say nice things like "Oh no your bum isn't big" and "Wow you look taller". Seriously, you should get a pair.

I also went to Target, where I got my all-time-favorite magazine. 
When I came home I found my Better Homes had arrived! Double score!!

I have already read them, dog-eared the pages and planning my next move- creating my own version! I love me some magazines- I get inspired by the projects, colors, and photos.

What inspires you? Leave a comment- we would love to know!

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