Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Lamp Re-vamp

Yet another lamp that came with my house. Mr. Lemon and I  are very thankful about the free lamps that were left in our house. We moved from an apartment with overhead lighting, so we did not need table or floor lamps therefore we didn't have any lamps, so thanks, past owners!

Anyways I liked the shape of the base but hated the shade. This lamp sits on my sewing table so I found myself picking away at the shade, but I had to keep rotating the shade so I wouldn't have a bare bulb in my face. I ripped off the vinyl "ribbon" shade- it was one long strip of off-white vinyl wrapped over and over and over around the frame. Using some leftover drop cloth, I hot glued the material around the shade. To redo the base, I just applied two coats of white satin spray paint. I finished it off my adding some white gimp around the edges to the shade. The white base and gimp trim looks good against the off white hue of the shade. I am happy with this project and I hope it inspires you to give new life to an old lamp you may have in your home.

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